2012 is on!

So, once again the Earth completed its orbit around the local star (setting the starting point in an arbitrary position we’ll call “the 1st day of January”). Congratulations, everyone, for your great job! Keep it up! Now, if  these past holidays meant for you as much as they meant for me, maybe you’d like to […]

Dungeoner.net is back… sort of

I’ve been having some problems with my dedicated server that eventually led to a full format and SO reinstall. I had a backup of all my data first, but since I’m changing to WordPress, there are some things I’ll need to properly edit again, such as the style. I’m currently uploading all (most of) the […]

Post drought

I’m on holidays! This is my second week relaxing at my parents home back in Bilbao, and of course, I’m suffering my usual “winter holidays goodness”, as pointed in the following image: So, I haven’t been in the mood to write. I haven’t been in the mood to do much of anything, and as always, […]