2012 is on!

So, once again the Earth completed its orbit around the local star (setting the starting point in an arbitrary position we’ll call “the 1st day of January”). Congratulations, everyone, for your great job! Keep it up!

Now, if  these past holidays meant for you as much as they meant for me, maybe you’d like to see something along the lines of this list with the games coming to PC you want to play this year. While I’m predicting some of them will suck monkey balls (I’m looking at you, Syndicate!), there are way too many games coming out in 2012 that I do want to play.

But wait, there’s more! Maybe you are aware already, but since the 19th of December there’s a new site in town, that calls itself AgedGamer. Presenting the portal as DIYGamer‘s bro, old games get new reviews, or rather re-reviews by anyone who wants to contribute. I’m thinking on trying myself, although my Shakespearian language skills seem to be degrading lately.

Also, an awesome picture of Michael Berryman wishing you all a happy new year. Because.

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